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Oxford For Europe
Stop Brexit!
Thanks for joining us on the People's Vote march, London June 23rd - see our report   here

What do we stand for?

Oxford for Europe is campaigning to keep Britain in the EU. Brexit is NOT inevitable; more and more people are realising the Brexit deal is not what people voted for - and want a People's Vote they can have their say on the terms - with an option to stay in the EU.

Who are we?

Oxford for Europe are affiliated to  Britain For Europe which has many groups across the country. We are a grassroots organisation and are funded purely from public donations. We are not aligned with any political party and welcome members from any party or no party.
We also have close links with  Oxford European Association

What do we do?

Oxford for Europe hold a monthly stall in Cornmarket Street, Oxford, selling merchandise and giving out information. We are always happy to talk to people regardless or whether you voted leave or remain.
We have an ongoing regular programme of events.
Recent Events

Public Panel: 
Brexit Impacts in the Oxford Region

On April 27th a public panel was held at Oxford Town Hall, bringing together evidence, testimony and debate on how Brexit is already impacting on lives, economy and society in the Oxford region, as well as what further impacts we can expect if Brexit is allowed to proceed, in its various possible versions, and what we can do about it.
The event provided a platform for those who wish to speak out urgently about what they now know Brexit will mean for us. Brexit can be stopped if a clear public will is expressed to demand a vote on the terms.
Our panel included Dr Mike Galsworthy, Antony David, Dr Nick Fahy, Catherine Bearder MEP, Dr Ruvi Ziegler, Councillor Craig Simmonds and Councillor John Tanner.

The full video of the event can be found below, and further information and video clips can be found here.


Upcoming Events​​​

MARCH on Parliament Square
Join us on June 23 in London to march to Parliament Squar​e to demand a vote on the final Brexit deal.

Our coaches are now fully booked. If you are making your own way to London, meet us in Hyde Park at the cafe inside Brook Gate, not far south of Speakers Corner. We will be assembling there from 11am. 

Follow us on Twitter and search #PeoplesVoteOxford for on the day information! 
Our Future, Our Choice

It was a great pleasure at Bonn Square to hear Will Dry, a young man who voted Leave but has since regretted his decision and co-founded Our Future Our Choice to give young people a voice on Brexit.

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