Oxford for Europe

What do we stand for?

Oxford for Europe is campaigning to keep Britain in the EU. Brexit is NOT inevitable; more and more people are realising the Brexit deal is not what people voted for - and want a People's Vote so they can have their say on the terms,  with an option to stay in the EU. We are particularly concerned to safeguard and protect the rights of all non-UK EU citizens living and working with us in the Oxford area.

Who are we?

Oxford for Europe are affiliated to the nationwide networks  Britain For Europe and the European Movement , and actively engaged in the People's Vote campaign, in close partnership with neighbouring groups in Oxon, Bucks and Berks.  We are a grassroots organisation  funded purely by individual donations. We are not aligned with any political party and welcome volunteers from any party or none.
We also have close local links with  Oxford European Association

What do we do?

Oxford for Europe hold a  stall every 2 weeks in Oxford, often in Cornmarket Street, Oxford, finding out your views, sharing information and engaging citizens in campaiging activity like writing to our MPs. We are always happy to talk to people regardless or whether you voted leave or remain.
We have an ongoing  programme of high-profile local public events, as well as actively supporting national and regional marches and rallies.
Recent Events

Public meeting:
Celebrating the European Union - What has the European Union done for the UK?

A successful meeting took place at the Town Hall on 30 April, with about 300 attending. The speakers were Prof Timothy Garten Ash, Prof Sarah Harper and Catherine Bearder MEP.

Public meeting - the Brexit Crisis
300 people attended a meeting at the Wesley Memorial Church on 1st March. The panel featured leading campaigners and experts to brief us and comment on the latest state of play, the available options and on how pro-EU campaigners can contribute to securing a People's vote and prepare to win it.
Naomi Smith and Peter Jukes. 

Public Meeting: 
Speaking out about Business and Brexit

On 4 October 2018 we held a hugely successful public meeting on the impacts of Brexit on business. CEOs, owners, managers and representatives of local businesses and creative industries spoke about their experiences of Brexit so far. 
Oxfordshire MPs and City Councillors were also present, including Anneliese Dodds MP [Labour, Oxford East] and Councillor Liz Leffman [Liberal Democrat], deputising for Layla Moran MP.
Read about it here!

On 20 October 2018, 700,000 people, including many from Oxford took part in the UK's second biggest public demonstration of the 21st century, with many placards and one message - the demand for a People's Vote on the government's Brexit deal, with an option to Remain. Read our report of the day here! 

Please also consider signing the online petition calling for a People's Vote, which was launched at the event. 
Panel Event - Stopping Brexit: Campaigning to win - hearts, minds and votes

In Oxford, December 6th, 2018.

A public panel event hosted by Oxford for Europe, co-sponsored by European Movement (Oxford region) and Oxford European Association, chaired by Justen Hyde (Oxford for Europe)
How do we get a People's Vote on Brexit? How do we win it?

With the government poised to offer the nation a terrible Brexit deal that no one voted for, our  panel spoke and took questions on some key issues:
- Tackling the causes of Brexit, including austerity and widening inequality.
- Building a cross-Party majority in Parliament to reject the deal and no deal.
- National and grassroots campaigning for an informed People’s Vote on the deal.
- Using the resources and techniques required to build public opinion in support of EU membership.

Will Hutton
Layla Moran
Jon Danzig

Read about it and watch the video here
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