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15.01 - People's Vote Brexit Decision Day Live

As MPs debated and voted on the Government Brexit’s deal inside the House of Commons on Tuesday evening, we headed to London to join thousands of people outside in Parliament Square. We watched the debate and outcome of the vote live on giant screens and heard from a huge variety of politicians and speakers live on stage.

12.01 - Stalls on Action Day before the Vote

A special People's Vote national day of action 3 days before the Commons Vote on the Brexit Withdrawal Agreeement. On a record morning of @peoplesvote_uk campaign activity with 180 stalls and events nationwide, we had two in Oxford - in Cornmarket and Cowley Centre. The public responded and engaged, signing postcards and letters to their MPs and voting on the Brexitometers in their hundreds.
See also the article published in the Oxford Mail about our Street Stalls on Saturday! 

2018, AUGUST

Film Screening: Postcards From The 48% + Q&A​

There were three viewings of the film in Oxford at the Phoenix Picturehouse and the Ultimate Picture Palace, which we attended as well as many other Oxfordians. If you have not yet seen it, we highly recommend it. 

This documentary was made with a cast of 572 Remainers to show the other 27 EU Member States that the referendum was far from a landslide victory and just why they (we!) are fighting to stay part of the EU. ​

An Interview with the Director 

Film Trailer 

Following the film there was a Q&A with the Director David Wilkinson, Catherine Bearder MEP and Will Hutton, Principal of Hertford College. The message to take home was that there are millions of people out there fighting against Brexit and the importance of keeping the pro-Remain message alive and relevant. 

2018, JUNE

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Monthly Street Stall

On Saturday 2nd June we held our monthly street stall on Cornmarket Street, coinciding with this years Oxford Pride March. On Saturday 9th June we took our street stall to a new location by Manzil Way on Cowley Road. We spread the word about the PEOPLE'S VOTE MARCH ON 23rd JUNE IN LONDON, handed out leaflets, flags, stickers and had other merchandise on sale. We also took our BREXITOMETER out for its first outings, and the message from Oxford is clear: Brexit is NOT worth it #StopBrexit

A commentary by our activist Ruvi Ziegler

What Have We Been Doing?
At end of March we held a fringe event to the Oxford Literary Festival when Lord Adonis and Will Hutton (right) addressed a crowd in Broad St about the folly of Brexit.
Then we ran a stall in Cornmarket on Saturday 14th April with our colleagues from the European Movement and the Oxford European association. This was part of a national day of action by opponents of Brexit so there was also a stall at Carfax run by friends from Open Britain and the European Movement. As always we received a warm welcome from nearly all passers-by and we gave away many stickers and received donations for EU flags and our OfE T-shirts.

The National day of action was a precursor to the launch on Sunday of the campaign for a PEOPLE'S VOTE on Brexit. This campaign sees all the anti-Brexit groups nationally coming together with one message: we all need a vote on whether or not to go ahead with Brexit when we know more about the terms of the Government's negotiations with the EU. More about that in our next newsletter.

Keith Taylor MEP in Oxford [1/2]

Keith Taylor, the Green Party MEP, recently visited Oxford and addressed a meeting about Brexit. He mentioned the importance of resolving the question of the Irish border in Brexit negotiations. One of us wrote to him afterwards for clarification and the reply from his office contained this: 
"yesterday, Keith met with Michel Barnier and discussed the impact of the Good Friday Agreement and the need to protect it post-Brexit. Mr Barnier reiterated that on the Irish border question, the UK must find a solution that is acceptable to 27 EU member states by October. Without a solution, there will be no transition or post-Brexit trade deal, he confirmed." 
You can see more about this here.

Keith Taylor MEP in Oxford [2/2]

"MP hits back at claim on Brexit".  George Welch reports in the Oxford Paper on comments which Keith Taylor MEP said he received from audience members during this recent meeting, his subsequent letter to Anneliese Dodds MP, and her response.


Local elections

What have we learnt nearly two years after the referendum about the promises made by the leave campaign?

  • there were limits built in to the free movement rules already - successive governments chose not to implement them
  • there will be no more money freed up for the NHS - likely less for all public services
  • the sovereignty of the British Parliament is under more threat from the British Government than the EU.

In the meantime many businesses and families face an uncertain future.


We think it certainly is not worth it, and continue to fight to REMAIN. But the politicians are not listening. The Government is pursuing the hardest of Brexits. Despite their more nuanced approach, the Official Opposition has consistently backed the Government on key Brexit votes - and most recently sacked a shadow minister for supporting calls for a referendum on the final outcome of the process.

Whilst Oxford for Europe is a non-party political campaign, we know that even if politicians are not listening to the REMAIN arguments they do listen to the ballot box. There is only one opportunity for voters to send a clear message before the crucial votes in the autumn - the local elections on 3rd May. We are asking our supporters to consider carefully how they cast their vote in May and are recommending them for once to set aside party affiliations and support REMAIN by casting their vote either in favour of candidates representing parties that support remaining in the EU, or at least for candidates who have stood out strongly against Brexit despite their Party line. Remember, it is easy for someone standing for election in Oxford to say they are personally against Brexit, but this means little if they have done nothing to campaign against it since the Referendum or if they simply say they “respect the will of the people”. If you are not sure whether a candidate ticks this box, you may want to ask them. Your vote can send the clearest of messages that there should be an opportunity for the country to think again.

If you would like to campaign for a local pro-remain candidate and need further information, email us at [email protected] .
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